XT & Watermelon Collab

XT & Watermelon Collab

The Watermelon Social Club follows the story of the watermelon, a fruit that originated in Southern Africa but belongs wherever it can be found in the world today. 🍉

Designer Sthembiso Mchunu uses street aesthetics as a tool to connect with and to talk about cultures, creating a social club where people can belong. The signature prints are inspired by both tribal and modern African cultures making them relevant for now.

The Watermelon Social Club Basketball Team collection is a collaboration with XT and exclusive to The Cross Trainer and XTrend.

The Watermelon Social Club Basketball Team collection, in collaboration with XT, aims to create a story for the history of basketball in South Africa. 🏀

We lean into our rich heritage from The Cradle Of Humankind and the art that defined our ancestors. The unique prints are inspired by prehistoric rock paintings, creating a link between basketball history and our culture and heritage in South Africa. The colour palette is both modern and on trend drawing inspiration from the authentic colours found in these beautiful ancient artworks.

The Watermelon Social Club in collaboration with XT will serve as a platform for South African basketball culture, style, and fashion, both on and off the court.

When life gives you lemons, ask for watermelon.

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