XT & Magolide Collective Collab! 🎨

XT & Magolide Collective Collab! 🎨

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XT in collaboration with the Magolide Collective was inspired by the long and complicated history surrounding African wax prints (Dutch wax or Ankara prints). The history of these textiles date back to the 19th Century, when Dutch merchants took inspiration from native Indonesian designs. In the Cape, Dutch colonialists purchased these Indonesian materials from traders, and worked to make them easily reproducible.

The textiles however, soon became synonymous with notions of Pan-Africanism, and became crucially important cross-culturally. These textiles were born out of colonization, but soon stood as a resilient symbol against it. Shweshwe, within a South African context, has come to define cultural practices, class systems, and spirituality.

The Magolide Project aims to celebrate this, and merge the traditional with the modern. Inspiration was drawn from Roy Lichtenstein’s ben-jay dots: which we noticed was an aesthetic language common both within Pop Art and the textile patterns of African Wax prints.

When these textiles are scanned with your phone using the Artivive App – they come to life and tell a story which celebrates our rich history as African’s: aesthetically, spiritually, and musically. This whole capsule then becomes an ode to an uprising of an African renaissance: a tribute to Afro- Futurism, and what we imagine it should look like in our present day!

Download the app here: https://apple.co/3wiuUuj

Available in the following stores;

  • The Cross Trainer Online
  • The Cross Trainer Airport Junction
  • The Cross Trainer Editions Sandton
  • The Cross Trainer Editions Eastgate
  • The Cross Trainer Editions Gateway
  • The Cross Trainer V&A Waterfront
  • XTrend Sandton
  • XTrend Menlyn


    About The Magolide Collective

    The Magolide Collective – is an artistic duo formed in 2019 between Adilson De Oliveira (b.1998) & Mzoxolo ‘X’ Mayongo (b.1986). The duo views themselves as visual alchemists, who in turn are concerned with the transformation of matter into visual information, in particular, with their attempts at converting academic writings, broader global histories, and cultural events into a consolidated practice of art-making.

    They try to rewrite the narrative of the African body and continent as well as other marginalised bodies whilst tending to contemporary issues of identity, race and gender through the intervention of performance and digital mediums.

    Their focus at the moment is challenging the discourses surrounding modernism, and the master narratives which affect the Global South.

    Shop the collection now: https://bit.ly/XTMagolide

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