Nike announces partnership with Black Girl Ventures

Nike announces partnership with Black Girl Ventures

Nike is of our favourite brands precisely because it has a strong voice when it comes to topical social matters and social justice. It's not scared to take a stand and it's also a brand prepared to put its money where its mouth is.

At the start of this year, Nike announced a partnership with Black Girl Ventures, which is an organisation focused on black economic empowerment in the States. This move marks the expansion of the NIKE, Inc. Black Community Commitment, which is aimed at supporting organisations focused on social justice, education and economic opportunity for black Americans.

The $500 000 dollar investment by Nike will help Black Girl Ventures in their efforts to develop and support entrepreneurship among black and brown women.

It makes us good to know that when we shop Nike gear, we're indirectly supporting initiatives like this. If you're a fan of Nike too and like what you see, keep shopping them here.

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