Kanye West - Jordans: It’s in our DNA!

Kanye West - Jordans: It’s in our DNA!

We all know that Nick Cannon is big. And that Kanye West is even bigger. So, when you put two legends like these in one room for a 45-minute chat on #CannonsClass podcast, it’s sure to get interesting.

Kanye West


We certainly weren’t disappointed!

We all know that since Kanye’s YEEZY partnership with Adidas made its formal debut in 2015, it has grown rapidly and came to generate over $1.3 billion dollars in sales last year alone! That’s not much to complain about, but Kanye admitted in his recent Cannon’s Class interview that he wished his Adidas contract allowed him to wear Jordans!

“I was just thinking man, in my contract, in my Adidas contract, I should definitely be able to wear Jordans! Jordans need to be part of reparation. You can’t tell a black man not to wear Jordans!”

Nick Cannon’s response is priceless, “It’s in our DNA!”

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