Converse – defined by those who wear them

Converse - defined by those who wear them

Over a century ago, Converse began making its infamous Chuck Taylor and All Star sneakers. It's not just an iconic shoe design that has made them legendary, it's that they are defined by those who wear them and the unique paths those people choose to take. 


In a world where every person has a story to tell and more often than not, a brave fight to fight along the way, Converse strives to elevate the voices of those individuals who deserve to be heard. These are people who are unique, gallant and bold - courageous enough to champion their own cause, tell their own story and express their purpose in their own distinct way.


Whether they're your Chucks, Cons, Kias or Pantsulas, where you take them and what you do with them is what counts. From the dry streets of southern Jozi where they glide and turn to precision Pantsula moves, to smart fast-pace hustles in deep city streets, Converse is with you every step you take.

Here's to the countless valiant steps that Converse sneakers have taken on your feet and to the countless strides yet to be made and great stories to unfold.

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