3 hot sneaker trends for 2021

3 hot sneaker trends for 2021

If you're looking to step up your shoe game this year, here are 3 hot sneaker trends for 2021 to get you started.

1 - Go retro

It's no surprise that the current retro sneaker trend is here to stay. With decades of inspiration to draw from, brands are finding new ways to match the technology of yesteryear with the attitude and style of today. We are hot for these Ladies' adidas SL 72s, which debuted in 1972 and were the first sneakers to boast the Trefoil.

Want to buy a pair? Shop them here.

2 - Athleisure

Who said athletics and leisure don't fit comfortably together? We've already proved that, right? Well, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to shopping for comfortable, but stylish sneakers, but can't go wrong in these Asics Lyte V RB in beige - slick, simple and versatile.

Shop the Asics Lyte here.

3 - Colour me in!

The only way you’re going to get somewhere is if you bring a bit of colour into this world! That’s why colour-blocking is going nowhere and is still our fav trend by far!

Peep these PUMA Mile Rider Multi Colours for women. Like what you see? Shop them here.

Our men's colour choice would have to be these New Balance 57/40s. We know they're new and still novel, but come on, what's not to like?!

Shop them at The Cross Trainer online, here.

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