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The concept of the XKIDS Store came about from a gap, which became evident, in the marketplace. Our consumers requested a place where their young athletes could shop in their own space.

Worldwide there are platforms that show the younger generation want to have the same access to high fashion just like the generation before them.

There are Social Media Pages dedicated to just this – from toddlers to teens, wearing the same cool looks that their older siblings or parents do. It’s become a lifestyle for young parents to ensure their children are looking just as stylish as they do – it’s a statement that is a global phenomenon.

Frame Leisure Trading has now listened to their consumer. We are now expanding our brand identity by opening new exclusive kids concept stores. The XKIDS store will cater to the quirky millennial kid’s needs (2- 14 years old). They are more empowered than previous generations and believe in authenticity.

What makes us different in the market?
Over and above the most wanted brands on the market being available in store, the sleek modern design appeals to the savvy millennial market who now have access globally online. They no longer want a small dark corner in the back of the store, but want a place where they can shop in style – that is tailor made to their every changing sense of style.

The world has changed drastically, and young athletes are now more digital than ever. So, the store has been built to suit each need including digital needs.

Our kids can now shop in store, surf in store and stream live onto our screens in store.
1. We have free Wi-Fi for them to surf online in store
2. They can also take photos of themselves in store wearing their new purchases, they then add a hashtag and it streams live to our XKIDS IG Page and onto a screen in store.

We are the first in South Africa to offer this concept in store.